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MISD Middle School Students Earn 77 Awards at UIL Middle School Competition

Manor ISD Middle Schools came home with lots of hardware recently.
The schools took part in the UIL Middle School Competition at Hutto Middle School last week. Students competed against other Central Texas middle schools; and earned 77 awards in various academic events. Below are the winners from Manor ISD:

Oral Reading-6th Grade

6th Place Ammy Huerta, DMS

3rd place London Pennick, MNTMS

Impromptu Speaking-6th Grade

2nd place, Ella Colquette, MNTMS

Modern Oratory-6th Grade

1st place, Lyliana Quintanilla, MNTMS

Spanish Oral Reading-6th Grade

5th place, Maria Requera, MMS

1st place, Antonia Delsolar, MNTMS

Ready Writing-6th Grade

4th Place, Ella Colquette, MNTMS

Editorial Writing-6th Grade

4th place, Mariam Mumbili, DMS

2nd place, Hennessey Rodriquez, DMS

Drawing-6th Grade

4th place, Danny Garcia-Perez, DMS

Painting-6th Grade

1st place, Jade Donnelly, DMS

Miscellaneous Art-6th Grade

4th place, Abigail Orellana, MMS

3rd place, Savannah Jimenez, MMS

2nd place, Allison Hernandez, MMS

1st place, Belinda Hernandez-Lopez, DMS

Art History-6th Grade

5th place, Andrea Garcia, MMS

3rd place, Jade Donnelly, DMS

Chess-6th Grade

6th place, Marcelo Vega, MMS

Dictionary Skills-6th Grade

1st place, Melissa Rahab, MNTMS

Listening Skills-6th Grade

4th place, Tamaya Mercer, DMS

Maps, Graphs, & Charts-6th Grade

2nd place, Lana Prior, MMS

1st place, Eshal Harizal, MNTMS

Mathematics-6th Grade

6th place, Hannah LaChance, MMS

5th place, Jose Salazar, MMS

4th place, Eshal Harizal, MNTMS

3rd place, Abigail Orellana, MMS

Challenger Math-6th Grade

6th place, Leezette Rodriguez, MMS

Music Memory-6th Grade

2nd place, Daniel Thomas, MNTMS

Number Sense-6th Grade

6th place, Liyah Frels, MNTMS

Science-6th Grade

2nd place, Chloe Monroy, MMS

Social Studies-6th Grade

5th place, Lane Prior, MMS

Spelling-6th Grade

2nd place, Salama Daudi, MNTMS

Challenger Spelling-6th Grade

6th place, Lezette Rodriguez, MMS

Modern Oratory-7th Grade

6th place, Fildemar Maldonado, MMS

Oral Reading-7th Grade

4th place, Kaitlyn Tisdale, MNTMS

Spanish Oral Reading-7th Grade

6th place, Aleyda Quintanilla, MMS

5th place, Victor Villalba, MMS

Spanish Oral Reading-8th Grade

6th place, Juan Recendez, MMS

2nd place, Jose Jaimes, MMS

Ready Writing, 7th Grade

6th place, Monica Cepeda, MNTMS

4th place, Kaitlyn Tisdale, MNTMS

Ready Writing, 8th Grade

4th place, William Webb, MNTMS

Drawing-7th Grade

6th place, Sjada Horton, DMS

1st place, Mayela Almanza-Gaytan, DMS

Drawing-8th Grade

5th place, Monica Gonzales, MMS

Painting-7th Grade

6th place, Serina Dahal, DMS

1st place, Ashima Gurung, DMS

Painting-8th Grade

6th place, Rose Marie Amaya-Camarillo, DMS

2nd place, Brenda Dominguez-Brito, DMS

3D Art-7th Grade

5th place, Adriany Espinpoza, DMS

4th place, Thalia Rea, DMS

3rd place, Natalia Vega, MMS

3D Art, 8th Grade

1st place, Julianna Cannon, DMS

Miscellaneous Art-8th Grade

6th place, Amy Marian-Gonzalez, DMS

5th place, Elena Trejo, MMS

3rd place, Trin Do, DMS

2nd place, Leslie Guajardo, DMS

Art History-7th Grade

6th place, Jheyson Cruz, MMS

3rd place, Jorge Melgoza, MMS

2nd place, Angel Urbina, MMS

1st place, Javier Carabajal, DMS

Dictionary Skills-7th Grade

6th place, Jadelyn Ortiz, DMS

Maps, Graphs, & Charts-7th Grade

3rd place, Violet Lamphere, MNTMS

1st place, Francis Gentile, MNTMS

Mathematics-7th Grade

6th place-Sebastian Tovar, DMS

5th place, Kellianne Kanya-Wovappi, DMS

2nd place, Andrew Ni, MNTMS

Mathematics-8th Grade

6th place, William Webb, MNTMS

Music Memory-7th Grade

2nd place, Andrew Ni, MNTMS

Number Sense-7th Grade

3rd place, Jen Lopez, DMS

2nd place, Kellianne Kanya-Wovappi, DMS

1st place, Andrew Ni, MNTMS

Social Studies-8th Grade

6th place, Nicholas Chavez, MNTMS

4th place, Maddox Dimmitt, MNTMS

2nd place, Jonnie Beard, MNTMS

Spelling-7th Grade

5th place, Jubilee Jimenez, MNTMS

2nd place, Madelyn Ramirez, MNTMS